Michael S. Manley

@sonicrocketman Congratulations!

@bix I finally gave up on that wish.

@AlanRalph Thanks for that article. As someone who works with online ad agencies all day, I recognize the irrationality inherent in the system described there.

@pratik I see what you did there.

@news Good riddance to bad rubbish.

@jack I culled my Twitter timeline, imported the remainder into micro.blog, then set things up to syndicate the other direction & automated the deletion of tweets older than 28 days. Unfollowed everyone, put interesting accounts in lists, and now treat Twitter as read-only.

@mjdescy To me, the presence of page numbers are foundational to basic literacy. How their presence could indicate egoism baffles me. Later, someone told these dorks that they don’t get to choose who cites them, so they agreed to number their pages “just in case.” Hooray?

@rnv Yeah, me neither. I always assume I’m going to be wrong anyway. At least once a month either my wife or I will stumble over a word and have to admit we’ve never heard it pronounced, only ever read it.

@rnv Always, always, always reach for the dictionary early. That’s why we have them. My mom, who constantly had to translate old public records for her work, taught me that.

@help Afraid so. Still shows as pending approval on mastodon.technology.

@Mikehendley Yes, please. Would love to see how you do that.

@manton Yeah, I was flipping switches all over the place during testing, so I guess the order of operations was the culprit. Thanks!

@manton A second test of OYG -> MB -> xPost targets was successful. Only difference this time was that the OYG post was the newest post in my feed. Previously, the OYG post was timestamped before the latest post in my feed.