MSM Status

Bad enough that the AARP mailings started the day I turned 50, but this morning the clerk looked me right in the eye and punched that damn button.

Today’s required comics reading: It Was All So Different Then by Mike Dawson on The Nib. 📚

Best I can tell, the term for “wall lover” could be “toichonophiliac” from the Greek or “amans murum” in Latin, but I guess I’m gonna stick with the good old Anglo-Saxon portmanteau, “brickfucker.”

I don’t hold out much hope for “Big Data” or any form of machine intelligence when most human intelligence apparently can’t even do a damned mail merge correctly.

Today’s nightmare:

Well, now this was unexpected and a bit sad: Tin House Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue Will Be Its Last.

Today’s comic you should read: Why Is U.S. Transit Crumbling? on The Nib.

Read: Umberto Eco’s 14 Features of Fascism

For National Mutt Day, I present our two goofballs, seen here about to leap into action, or at least to inhale a couple of treats.

I’m happy to announce that the editors of Gingerbread House have nominated my short fiction, “Grief Machines” for a 2019 Pushcart Prize. I’m extremely honored.

More Kentucky: Art with Ronnie edition.

More Kentucky: 610 Magnolia, 21c, Churchill Downs.

More Kentucky.

Kentucky thus far.

As a piece of journalism, this reads like a mess, but then the subject sort of dictates the form: Inside the Flat Earth Conference on The Daily Beast.

I guess sometimes we all benefit when billionaires get into a pissing match.…


I glean from this story further evidence that the institutions our culture has built “work” only out of sheer bulk and inertia and fail catastrophically far too often. The 3rd largest cause of death in the US is medical error? Horrific. Losing Laura from The Boston Globe. 📚

Halloween has passed for the year, but here’s something creepy to read anyway: Thinking Outside the Casket on The Nib. 📚

Also, meetings are now facilitated by Mr. Grandy, who also teaches gym class and Driver’s Ed and who has worn the same dark blue windbreaker twenty-two semesters in a row. Mr. Grandy doesn’t want to catch any of you punks spitballing in here, either.

Today’s poem for you to read: Reach, by Natasha Trethewey. Also, go vote if you haven’t already, preferably for the side not trying to lead us into extinction. 📚

Today’s outrage: A Cryptocurrency Millionaire Wants to Build a Utopia in Nevada. I fear many will find the end of this gilt-edged age horriffic. What a colossal misdirection of resources.

Today’s comic: Magic on Deck by Andrew Greenstone. Like many white dudes my age, I’ve owned some Magic cards, but I never got into the game beyond playing once or twice, and I’m unsure how I feel about that much energy expended on it.

Today’s story: Empty Box by Robert Maas. The DSF stories have hit a bit harder lately, seems to me. 📚

Happy Halloween.